Just thought I’d share a funny “lost in translation” moment I had with my husband recently.

He was feeling unwell and we went through the usual “what did you eat?”, “have you had enough water?” etc etc. At the end of these questions I suggested “Maybe you just have a stomach bug.”

My husband protested – “But where could I have picked it up from?”

Me – “Well anywhere really. Door handles, rails…we went shopping yesterday, so maybe the shopping trolley etc”

Husband – “?” – with confused look on his face.

I suddenly realised….he thought that when I said “stomach bug” he thought it was an actual BUG that he had swallowed…like a beetle or something. In Australia, “stomach bug” is a colloquialism for an upset/ill stomach….nothing to do with flies, beetles, caterpillars or other creepy crawlies.

Hilarious 🙂


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