App Review: Memrise – Updated

App Review: Memrise – Updated

So in January last year (can’t believe it has been that long!) I wrote a review of a language learning app called Memrise.

At the time my one complaint was that the Hindi language had a glitch which meant vowels didn’t display properly. Nt vry hlpfl whn lrnng a lngg 🙂

But I have great news! They have updated the Android version and so now the Hindi one does work! HOORAY!

Yay! It’s like NYE for my Hindi learning
(this is a picture I took of fireworks I saw at NYE this year on the
Great Ocean Road…in case anyone was interested)

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been learning a little bit each day. I’m up to Level 22 out of 91…even my husband is impressed with some of the words I know.

It takes more than vocab to learn a language, but at least now I’m making it a part of my everyday routine 🙂

Ps. The developers also told me they have plans to update the IOS version soon….cross your fingers iPhone owners 🙂


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