Go Iceland!

Go Iceland!

I usually try to keep politics out of this blog – I’m not sure why. I guess partly because I know a lot of cross-cultural issues can be hot potatoes and I see a lot of people in the media being burned for their opinions. It’s not always helpful to stoke fires.

But this week I decided to make an exception – today I want to say Go Iceland!

Out of 300 000 people in the nation of Iceland, over 10 000 have urged their government to increase the number of refugees/asylum seekers they will take in from the present “migrant crisis” in Europe. Many of them even saying they are willing to pay for the airfares and to house them in their homes.

It is genuinely refreshing for people to be responding to a humanitarian crisis in a humanitarian way.

Australia has around 9 million spare bedrooms according to the last census…..just sayin’


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