Hindi learning update – 500 words!

Hindi learning update – 500 words!

According to my Memrise app, I’ve hit 500 Hindi words!

My journey with learning Hindi has definitely been an off-and-on process.

I found a “Teach Yourself Hindi” book in India for $5 in 2009 – much cheaper than what I would have found in Australia. I had a couple of starts at the book, but never got past Chapter 1.

I then did an 8 week community college course….which to be honest was a waste of time. In 8 x 2 hour Saturday sessions, I basically came out with a knowledge of the alphabet…something I already knew.

Since then I’ve gone back to the book and to using the Memrise app. My main struggle has been consistency. I’ll make it to chapter 3…but then life happens and I fall off the study wagon. Then when I get back on, I have to start back at Chapter 1 and make it to Chapter 3…then the cycle repeats.

But lately I’ve been back on the Memrise wagon and thought I would celebrate this achievement on here – mostly in the hope that making it public will keep myself accountable!

500 words! Woo! 🙂

What language are you learning? Are you on or off the wagon at the moment and how do you stay consistent (or not, as the case may be)?


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