Chai Walli & the Bamboo Ceiling

Chai Walli & the Bamboo Ceiling

Today I want to share with you an inspirational article. Click here to read about the Indian-Australian Business Woman of the Year (2016)

Also in this article, I came across a term I hadn’t heard before – the “bamboo-ceiling.”

Society often talks about the “glass-ceiling” women face in corporations – an invisible barrier to do with a company’s culture, where women aren’t taken as seriously or not given the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Thankfully, a lot is being done to address this situation right around the globe.

It seems like a “bamboo-ceiling” is a reference to people of Asian-descent also missing out on opportunities at work, often due to an unconscious bias in the organisation.

Image Source: Pablo Azurduy (Unsplash)

It is unfortunate to hear about this – but as with the glass ceiling, I think the more awareness generated about it, the more people and organisations will start to address it. There is a lot businesses can gain from diversity (whether ethnic or gender diversity) – the greater the variety of backgrounds, the more creative and innovative solutions will be generated.

As a quote in an article by the ABC puts it, “Very simply we are not making the most out of our multiculturalism if we are not harnessing all of the talent in our society.”

I also realised I was similarly addressing this when I wrote a blog post about the idea of nameless resumes.

I encourage you to read up about it and spread awareness of the issue in your own networks.


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