100 Cross-Cultural Posts!

100 Cross-Cultural Posts!

WOW! Time to celebrate! 🎉

This post is my 100th post on Collaborative Bridges!

Image Source: Luca Upper (Unsplash)

That’s 100 cross-cultural tips, thoughts, musings, articles and more.

THANK YOU to everyone who reads my posts and puts up with my passionate ramblings whenever cross-cultural topics come up in conversation!

Now, I wish I could also say that I have 100 subscribers/readers as well haha – at this point that’s a future milestone to look forward to 😊

But in the meantime, I’m happy to continue to share as much as I can to help people be more aware of what’s happening in cross-cultural interactions and how to make the most of them.

AND as a way of making that easier, I’ve also set up a Facebook Page! Click here to check it out!

Do you have any burning cross-cultural/travel/diversity questions or ideas for future posts? Leave them in the comments below and they just might appear as one of the next 100 posts.


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