Cool Non-English Words #5

Cool Non-English Words #5

When you start learning a new language, you very quickly discover there are words in other languages that have no exact translation in English (or your own mother-tongue). This series explores those linguistic novelties….

#5 – Shemomedjamo – შემომეჭამა (sometimes written as Shemomechama)

As we approach Easter, I thought this word from Georgia might come in handy!

The capital city of Georgia – Tbilisi.
Image Source: Pixabay

It means something along the lines of “Even though I was full, I ate the whole thing because it tasted so good!”

In other words, when you’re really full from Easter Sunday Roast, (or any meal, for that matter), to the point where you’ve undone your belt and the top button on your jeans – but you still eat a whole giant chocolate egg because it tastes so delicious.

It could also be translated, “I accidentally ate the whole thing” – which has more of a notion of lack of self-control….which again, I feel this is appropriate for chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns 😄

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