My first ramen experience…

My first ramen experience…

Today’s a short but tasty post.

Last week I got the opportunity to have ramen for the first time in Sydney (I know…I must have been living under a rock to not have tried it before now). So I thought I would share my experience, seeing as food is one of the BEST things about cross-cultural interactions 😊.

My ramen!

First off, I should say I’m generally a little confused by Japanese cuisines – usually because I don’t understand half of the ingredients listed for dishes. But on this night, I was up for an adventure.

As we were shown to our table, our host yelled something out loud a couple of times, and all the waiters yelled back. I was totally surprised and a bit taken aback – it was like someone famous was being announced! But as the dinner progressed and others arrived we quickly realised this was their way of welcoming people to the restaurant – how fun!

The ramen itself was delicious. My next confusion was how to eat it – spoon, chopsticks, both? But I think I got there. I was hoping to spy on other people to learn how to do it, but alas most others around us had finished their meal.

So there you go – my first ramen expereince. What is a new cross-cultural experience you’ve had recently?


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