A new step for Collaborative Bridges

A new step for Collaborative Bridges

Well, hello 2023.

I’m excited to announce a few changes around here!

  1. I’m now working entirely for myself as Collaborative Bridges. I’ve decided this is the year to give this sole-trading business a red-hot go. There is a mixture of excitement and nerves as I look forward to what is ahead, because my heart is so invested – it is truly a joy to combine work and passion.
  2. I’ve expanded my focus areas. I still love cross-cultural communication and providing training on this topic. I’m now adding productivity and Executive Assistant training and coaching.  These are three areas I am passionate about and want to help equip others. Head over to the Training page to see the services on offer.
  3. The focus of this website will be as a landing page for my business and service offerings, with the blog now taking a side-bar. I will still occasionally blog (not that I’ve been very regular the past few years haha!), and I hope the articles continue to be a useful reference point.

Collaborative Bridges will continue to be my business name. The foundational principle behind the brand is about people collaborating together and learning from each other, in order to create new opportunities. This ethos remains consistent across the new focus areas, as well as cross-cultural communication.


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