I am passionate about helping people learn about other cultures and increasing their cross-cultural awareness and skills. I want people to see the possibilities that are created when cultures connect, interact, and collaborate together. 

My passion for other cultures began in childhood, when my family hosted many exchange students from a diverse range of countries. Living in a country town in Australia, it was quite rare to be exposed to so many cultures, even though our history lessons told us we were part of a “multi-cultural” nation. 

Moving to the “big smoke” to study at uni, I lived in a college with over 30 different countries represented in the student population. Studying International Studies, I learned the theories for globalisation and the many possibilities (and occasional ramifications) of cultures interacting. 

After working in mainly the not-for-profit sector, I have personally experienced difficulties that occur when no cross-cultural training is provided. 

I now work for a global corporate company and can also see how there is a lack of awareness about how culture does affect business. Simultaneously, there are so many opportunities for mutual learning-so exciting!

So welcome to my blog 🙂 I hope it helps people to see the opportunities around them and useful tools to navigate through cross-cultural connections!