Whilst this blog is my casual outlet for my cross-cultural passion, I do thoroughly enjoy helping others learn the deeper understandings of cross-cultural communication.

I have been a trainer for an interpersonal/leadership skills course for many years with a not-for-profit organisation in many different settings – young people, adults, in Australia and overseas (including having to be translated in non-English speaking countries). I’ve also had practical experience in the corporate workplace, training groups as well as providing one-on-one training on a variety of topics.

I bring this diverse experience into my cross-cultural training. I am also constantly researching and teaching myself about new concepts around cross-cultural awareness.

I like to understand what the particular issues are that are facing a group of people or a company and then tailor any presentations to those needs and to the people doing the training.

At the same time, I’m also up for “blank canvas” situations – where someone doesn’t have a particular cross-cultural issue in mind, but just wants to know more.

I’m open for any opportunities and feel free to contact me for more information (just leave a comment on this page). It can be face-to-face or over the interwebs 🙂

Here is some feedback from a group of participants that I provided virtual training to before their trip to the subcontinent:

“fantastic preparation – so helpful it made our whole experience so much better than it would have been without prep.”

“informative and helpful and made me aware of the difference in Indian culture”

“Understanding the meaning behind actions was so key to being able to enter a culture. I felt like I was far more helpful overseas after the training- we need so much awareness before we travel so as we don’t do lots of damage and hurt. Training helped reduce the damage I would have done to the places I went( or rather the people I met).
I didn’t feel any culture shock and just loved learning to understand- which was in a big part due to the training. I loved your style of training that was interactive and lots of real examples that were extremely helpful for understanding. You did amazingly well considering it was by skype. The training also helped with re-entry which is so important.”

Is Cross-Cultural Training Really Necessary?

Collaborative Bridges is my registered business name and my ABN can be provided upon request.

(Ps. I like to focus on my passion and experience as my main credentials, but to cover off the academics, I have my Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Bachelor of International Studies and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Modern History.)