4 more random items I learnt from Professor Gillian Triggs

4 more random items I learnt from Professor Gillian Triggs

Hard to get a good photo in lecture theatre…or at least that’s my excuse!

I couldn’t really fit these into my last blog post, but I wanted to mention them anyways. They are completely random, but here you go:

  • There was a mining company in Western Sahara. The nation was in a state of war, so they couldn’t pay tax to any government. They asked her for her support, and she suggested they should go visit the country, see what needs there are (e.g. schools, better roads etc) and then build them as a way of “paying tax.” – AMAZING suggestion and AMAZING that a company would have that kind of integrity!
  • Pregnancy discrimmination is endemic in Australia – I thought we were past this already?
  • I also found out that I don’t know much about the Australian Human Rights Commission. For example, if you have a discrimination claim (sex, race, age, disability) against your employer, you cannot go to the courts until you have lodged a complaint with the Commission. Amazingly they conciliate 72% of cases! Imagine how much time/money that is saving the courts! Prof Triggs rightly describes it as the most accessible form of justice for the Australian community.
  • Prof Triggs would advocate for a legislative Bill of Rights, rather than a constitutional one. An interesting point…potentially worth a future blog post on what the difference is 🙂


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