I'm Cathryn Chawla

Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Empowering others with practical tools and frameworks fuels my motivation and excitement.

My main focus areas of cross-cultural communication, productivity and Executive Assistants have developed over time with my experiences in work, family and life.

Growing up in regional Australia, my passion for other cultures began when we hosted exchange students from other countries. I was fascinated with the new things they showed me, in a town where it was rare to be exposed to diversity. Our school history lessons taught us we were a multicultural country, but I didn’t really experience this until I moved to Sydney to study International Studies at university. Living on-campus with students from 30+ other cultures only increased my curiosity. I have since travelled abroad many times and now have my own cross-cultural family.

"I love the possibilities that are created when cultures connect, interact, and collaborate together."

After university, I fell into an Executive Assistant (EA) role when looking for some foundational professional experience. I quickly discovered that I loved being an EA. It meant every day was different: some days I was coordinating dinners for 200-300 people; some days I was producing content for company newsletters; other days I was managing fundraising appeals, or coordinating board reports. The variety kept me going. As I took on subsequent EA roles in both not-for-profit and corporate sectors, my eyes were really opened to how much influence I could have as a strategic partner with my Executive.

Overtime I was also exposed to some wonderful professional development and discovered the field of productivity. My biggest takeaway wasn’t about creating more time in my day – it was about finding the headspace to concentrate on the more strategic goals, projects and objectives I had. Concurrently I had many opportunities to coach other EAs and share all the insights I had learned from my decade of experience.

"Seeing the direct links from putting my Executive’s priorities into concrete actions that achieved results was highly motivating."

Collaborative Bridges is the sum of my passions, qualifications and experience.

 I want to share and equip others, and I also know everyone has something to teach me too. We never stop learning and I look forward to the inspiring possibilities that will come from the mutual learning between us.

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"It is always encouraging to equip others with skills that help them achieve their goals."

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