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Cross-Cultural Communication

Build your awareness of cross-cultural communication and implement practical strategies for fostering better global collaboration.


Collaborative Bridges offers training that develops a strong appreciation of the opportunities and complexities that arise in cross-cultural communication. Tailored to the needs of each organisation, the workshops are aimed at equipping clients for the possibilities that are created when cultures connect, interact, and collaborate. The workshops take an interactive approach to ensure the theoretical knowledge gained can be applied in the real world.


At a Glance


Sample Workshops

Develop a general awareness of the factors at play in cross-cultural communication and collaboration.​

Equip your team members with the skills they need to navigate culture shock and take a deep dive look into a specific culture.​

Delve into “hot-button” topics such as stereotyping, racism, diversity and inclusion in a safe learning environment.​

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"Understanding the meaning behind actions was so key to being able to enter a culture. I felt like I was far more helpful overseas after the training."

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